Precision Millwork Co. was founded in 1962 to build kitchen cabinets that
were sold to individuals.  In 1981, the company changed their line of work to
plastic laminate casework for commercial facilities such as schools,
hospitals, medical clinics and banks.

In 1991, Precision Millwork Co. moved into its current 52,000 square foot
facility in Belleville, IL.
Precision Millwork Co.
Commercial Cabinetry • Casework

Precision Millwork Co. builds all products to meet the customers'
requirements.  Therefore, nothing is kept in inventory and customers
purchase exactly what they need.  Precision Millwork Co. is completely
committed to our customers.  

Please contact us anytime!  We look forward to hearing from you.

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• 618-234-8255 • 2400 Amann Dr., Belleville, IL  62220